Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grand Opening

The Specimen Illustrations shop is now open for business for the first time ever. The prints you'll find there were chosen to be the inaugural pieces because they marked special milestones for me during Specimen Illustrations' first year up and running. To celebrate, my first bird, one of my first commissions, and my most recent commission are all available to purchase. Snag yours while you can! The first 5 orders will receive a one-of-a-kind, never before seen mini sketch taken from the Specimen archives.

Thank you thank you thank you for sticking around this past year everybody. It's completely mind-blowing to know that others are as passionate about nature and as curious about the world as I am. I truly couldn't be more humbled by the experience.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Come one, come all.

Prints are here! Real-life screenprints!


It only took me, what? A year? I was never very satisfied with the screenprinters I encountered, and I was lucky enough to recently have found a great one based right here in Portland. You can find his contact information and samples of projects at Pen & Screen Printing.

I have three medium-sized prints of my favorite pieces that will be going up for sale on Saturday morning (tomorrow at 10AM PST). Descriptions and details of each print can be found in the Specimen Illustrations shop, just follow the link at the top right of this page.

Ravenwood, 11"x14"

The Understanding, 11"x14"
Aphelocoma californica, 9"x12"

This is my first series of prints ever made, and there are only 40 editions of each image**. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. As always, my work is hand drawn/printed with high quality, archival materials.

**(feathers and dead things not included)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corvus & Cornus (ravens & dogwoods)

Good morning! I hope that all of you had a safe and happy holiday this week. I got to spend time with my lovely family while they visited me up in the land of trees and rain for the very first time this Thanksgiving. A few days of constant eating, laughing, and movies/nature documentaries with my favorite people in the world? No complaints here.

The time off from school and work this week (plus the opportunity to lounge around) gave me a chance to be a little bit productive and complete this commission that's been on my board for a quite obscene amount of time now (have I ever told you how much I adore/love patient people? Really. Thank you for putting up with the rest of us). I'm beyond happy to have had the opportunity to work on this piece. Ravens and dogwood trees are two of the most fun things I can think of to study and illustrate, and it's even more rewarding knowing these two are going to be flying off to a great new home soon.

Ravenwood, 2014
Ink on bristol

Take care everyone. I can't express how in awe I am of the amount of support you guys continually show for me, my work, and art/creators/innovators in general. It genuinely warms my heart. Now go make something!