Punk’s Not Dead

The “Punk’s Not Dead” show at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco is up for only one more week! Get down and check it out before November 26th (this Saturday) to see a diverse collection of punk-inspired artwork, including my Mischief Brew painting, “Rejoice & Revolt”.           Mischief Brew has been one of my all-time favorite bands for many years, and Erik’s passing this summer was unexpected to say the least. There’s a lot to be said about how much his words influenced and inspired me over the years, but in the end I’m most […]

Return To Dirt

Today marks the start of the annual weekend-long “Midnite Communion” festival in Long Beach, California. This event was put together by Midnite Collective, a community that fiercely supports an impressive group of artists & musicians from around the globe who share a passion for sharing the beauty they see in the unfamiliar, odd, and macabre.     Midnite Communion is now in its 4th year, and this year’s theme is “Return To Dirt”…. “….As we all are creatures of dirt, rising from the very ground we tread, we slowly descend back into it becoming once again rooted within our cyclical […]

All That Remains

“What happens when all is said and done?” That’s the question that myself and fellow artists asked ourselves as we created new work this fall for the “All That Remains” exhibit hosted by Stranger Factory, a unique gallery in New Mexico that features art by some fantastic makers.   The theme for this group show was the brainchild of Lana Crooks, an artist based in Chicago who creates stunningly intricate anatomy-focused pieces that are handmade from textiles, metals, and other found objects. You can drool over admire Lana’s work and keep up with her current projects at her website and on […]

Giant cows, Swamp Thing AP’s available, and new work underway.

Kicking ass and taking names in 2016 starting with the massive cow illustration I just completed last week for a very patient client. I don’t normally work on projects this large, mostly because I don’t have the space in my house–this ended up being 6 feet by 4 feet and had to be completed in my tiny little kitchen that has less-than-ideal (read: nearly non-existent) lighting. But I managed, and had a whole lot of fun doing it.       Large-scale pieces are definitely a thing I need more of in my life. This one went relatively quickly, clocking in […]

Swamp Thing (Process)

  “A vegetable with delusions of grandeur” –Alan Moore Swamp Thing has been a major love in my life since childhood. I’ve enjoyed the comics for years and can easily say that he’s one of my all-time favorite “superheroes”. I’m so extremely pleased that I got the chance to spend so much time with him over the summer–about 80 hours, to be exact-ish. This was a pretty massive piece for me so I decided to share a bit of the process in the same vein as my previous “Neverending Story” process post. Enjoy, and definitely comment with any questions/comments.   […]

The Neverending Story (Process)

When I started working on this “Neverending Story”-inspired piece back in March I had no idea how long of a process it would end up being (You could even say it seemed….NEVERENDING. Yep. I went there.) What I assumed would be a fairly straightforward, moderately time-consuming project ended up becoming this behemoth of a thing, not necessarily because of the work involved (though it took around 50 hours to complete) but because of a number of sudden issues that really slowed down my work life. Fortunately I am surrounded by patient, understanding, gracious people and once I finally got my shit together things […]


Hello everyone. After months of fiddling around with technology and teaching myself a little bit of html out of necessity I think I’ve finally pieced together the bones of a decent website. As a person who spends most of her time huddled away in a corner scribbling away with old-school quill on parchment by candlelight this is a pretty big accomplishment. Okay I’m not that much of a luddite (yet) but I’m damned close to it. The Field Notes section of the site (the section you are currently in) will be a blog of sorts for what’s happening in the Specimen […]